Jason Rich's Featured App of the Week

Use Mobile Apps Like Yummly to Discover New Recipes and Enhance Your Cooking Skills

June 23, 2020 Jason R. Rich Season 1 Episode 22
Jason Rich's Featured App of the Week
Use Mobile Apps Like Yummly to Discover New Recipes and Enhance Your Cooking Skills
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The focus of this episode of Featured App of the Week is on how to find, organize, and utilize free and low cost recipes using mobile apps on your smartphone or tablet. You'll learn all about apps like Yummly, for example.

Apple iPhone, iPad, and Android-based mobile apps and online services featured within this episode include:

Also, look for these recipe manager apps available from the App Store and Google Play Store:

  • Recipe Keeper
  • Recipe Box
  • Organize Eat
  • Cookbook: The Recipe Manager
  • My Own Cookbook Recipe Manager

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Featured App of the Week – Episode #22

Welcome back to the Featured App of the Week podcast. I’m Jason Rich. 

In a previous episode, I talked about mobile apps and online services, like Doordash and GrubHub, that allow you to order food from many nearby restaurants and fast food establishments, and then have your food order delivered directly to your home, office, or hotel room, for example. 

These food delivery services are ideal if you want restaurant-quality food, but don’t want to go out, or prepare meals from scratch in your own kitchen. 

There are also online services and mobile apps, like Hello Fresh, Home Chef, and Martha Stewart and Marley Spoon, that deliver food kits to your home on a weekly basis. These kits contain all of the pre-proportioned ingredients you need, along with recipes and step-by-step directions for creating restaurant-quality meals yourself, in your own kitchen.

A subscription plan to one of these meal services costs between $8.00 and $10.00 per meal, per person, and you get the convenience of not having to visit a supermarket to acquire the ingredients you need to prepare each recipe. 

From the mobile app or website from each service, you’re able to pre-select your meals for the upcoming week. Each service offers an extensive menu variety, as well as flexibility in terms of the number of meals to be delivered each week.

If you want to become more adventurous in the kitchen, try out new recipes, do your own food shopping, and then prepare your own meals from scratch, there are also a wide range of free and low-cost mobile apps that’ll provide you with easy-to-follow recipes. Many of these recipe mobile apps allow you to plan meals based on the dietary restrictions and food or ingredient preferences for the people you’ll be cooking for.

Another benefit to using mobile apps that provide recipes is that once you select what you want to prepare, you’re able to enter the number of people you’ll be cooking for. 

The mobile app will then automatically calculate how much of each ingredient you’ll need, and create an itemized, organized, and personalized shopping list that can be display on your smartphone’s screen or printed out for when you go to the supermarket. Also displayed will be nutritional information about the meal or recipe you’ve selected.

Depending on which recipe mobile app you use, once you find one or more recipes you like, you can store them within your mobile device and share them with other people with just a few on-screen clicks. Some of these apps even include meal planning tools, so you can pre-plan a week’s worth of meals in one sitting.

Based on your skill level in the kitchen, the mobile app will provide step-by-step directions for preparing the selected recipes. These directions include text, as well as photos, computer animations, and sometimes video clips to help you avoid common food preparation mistakes in the kitchen.

When you visit the App Store (if you’re an iPhone or iPad user), or the Google Play Store (if you’re an Android mobile device user), within the Search field, enter the keyword “Recipe” or “Recipe Book,” to find many mobile apps that offers free or low cost recipes.

If you adhere to a specialty diet, such as being vegetarian, Kosher, or vegan, for example, within the Search field of the App Store or Google Play Store, enter a search phrase like, “vegan recipes” or “low salt cookbook,” to find apps that’ll make it easy to prepare means that will adhere to your own dietary needs.

The Yummly app is available for free. When you first install the app, you’ll be asked to create a profile and answer a handful of questions, like how skilled you are in the kitchen. For each person you’ll be cooking for, you’ll also be asked about their food allergies, dietary restrictions, and what types of foods they don’t like.

Moving forward, the Yummly app will take all of this information into account and only present you with recipe recommendations that adhere to everyone’s dietary needs and preferences.

As you’re searching for recipes using Yummly, you’re also able to use filters, so you can determine how much preparation time you want to invest in the meal you’re planning, and how many calories you’d like to consume. 

What’s great about the Yummly app is that instead of maintaining its own database of recipes, each time you launch the app, it goes online and seeks out recipes from the Internet. Thus, you always have more than two millions potential recipes at your disposal, and new recipes are always becoming accessible.

Oh, and because the Yummly app is advertiser supported, it’s totally free for the user. The Yummly company also offers several “smart cooking tools,” such as smart thermometer, that works in conjunction with your mobile device and the app. This optional thermometer, which is sold separately, helps guarantee you’ll wind up with perfectly cooked food every time.

Once you’ve created your Yummly profile, with the app’s Search field, simply type what type of food or meal you want to make. For example, type lasagna or roasted chicken. Within seconds, the app will seek out multiple applicable recipes and display your options on the screen. 

After viewing your options, based on your filters and preferences, choose a recipe, enter how many people you’ll be cooking for, and the Yummly app will create a detailed shopping list for you. 

This shopping list will include the exact amount of each ingredient you’ll need, based on how many people you’ll be cooking for. Also displayed on the screen will be nutritional information and the typical preparation time for that recipe, so you can manage your time accordingly.

Next, the Yummly app provides easy-to-read, step-by-step recipes, based on your skill level in the kitchen. The app will even keep track of what you eat and share nutritional data with Apple’s Health app if you’re an iPhone user.

As I mentioned, there are literally hundreds of recipe apps available from the App Store and Google Play Store

On the App Store, for example, Yummly has an average star-based rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, based on almost 80,000 reviews. I personally think it’s one of the best designed and most feature-packed recipe app available, which is why I’ve made it the focus of this episode. 

Meanwhile, if you already have a personal collection of handwritten recipe cards  or a recipe binder that has been passed down for generations, for example, there are a handful of mobile apps that’ll allow you to digitize, organize, and store your own recipe collection. You can then share individual recipes with specific people, create personized shopping lists, and even import new recipes directly from the Internet.

Apps like Recipe Keeper, Recipe Box, Organize Eat, Cookbook: The Recipe Manager, and My Own Cookbook Recipe Manager, are just a few examples of these recipe organization and storage apps.

Well that’s it for this episode of Featured App of the Week. As always, information and links related to all of the apps and services featured during this episode can be found within the episode notes for this podcast. A text-based transcript is also available.

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Until next time, I’m Jason Rich. Thanks for listening.