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AKASO Brave 7 LE: A Low-Cost Alternative to a GoPro Action Camera That Works Seamlessly with Smartphones and Tablets

July 05, 2020 Jason R. Rich Season 1 Episode 24
Jason Rich's Featured App of the Week
AKASO Brave 7 LE: A Low-Cost Alternative to a GoPro Action Camera That Works Seamlessly with Smartphones and Tablets
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This episode of Featured App of the Week focuses on the GoPro HERO8 Black and the AKASO Brace 7 LE action cameras that both work in conjunction with the Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, and most Android-based mobile devices.

These tiny, lightweight action cameras are waterproof, and can be used in a wide range of harsh climates to shoot 4K HD video or high-resolution digital images from a first- or third-person perspective. As you'll discover, both cameras offer similar features and functions, but the AKASO Brace 7 LE has a much lower retail price.

To learn more about the GoPro HERO8 Black, visit: https://gopro.com/en/us/shop/cameras/hero8-black/CHDHX-801-master.html.

Additional information about the AKASO Brave 7 LE can be found at the company's website (www.akasotech.com/brave7le), or ordered directly from Amazon.com (www.amazon.com/dp/B08B3MFDQL#ace-2093936695).

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Featured App of the Week – Episode #24

Welcome back to another edition of the Featured App of the Week podcast. I’m Jason Rich.

Over the past few years, the name GoPro has become synonymous with handheld action cameras that are highly durable, temperature resistant, and waterproof. 

Because the GoPro action cameras are so tiny, lightweight, and durable, they can be easily attached to someone’s body, vehicle, or sporting equipment, for example, using optional mounts or accessories, and then allow you to easily capture stunning, high-definition, wide-angle, 4K video footage or high-resolution still digital images.

Because the GoPro action cameras are so portable and versatile, they’re perfect for capturing first or third-person video footage of almost any activity, and they’re the ideal camera to take along on almost any type of vacation.

One of GoPro’s recently released and most technologically advanced action cameras is the GoPro HERO 8 Black

It’s capable of shooting still images at 12 megapixel resolution, or 4K video at up to 60 frames-per-second using its Wide Angle lens. 

Like most of the cameras in the GoPro line-up, the HERO 8 Black has built-in wireless Bluetooth capabilities. This means that it can either be remotely controlled from a smartphone or tablet, using the free GoPro mobile app, or content that’s shot using the camera can be wirelessly transferred and then edited and shared remotely from an Apple iPhone or iPad, or virtually any Android-based mobile device.

I’ve been a huge fan of GoPro cameras for years and have captured incredible video footage and still images all over the world. The one drawback to the GoPro cameras, however, in their price. 

The HERO 8 Black, for example, starts at $399.00. However, many of the accessories and mounts you’ll need are sold separately, and range in price from $20.00 to over $100.00 each.

While GoPro dominates the action camera marketplace, there have been low-cost knockoff cameras released over the years, but none have come close offering the quality, features, and functions of a genuine GoPro camera – that is, until now.

Let me tell you a little about the AKASO Brave 7 LE Launch Edition action camera. In terms of its size and features, it’s very similar to the GoPro HERO 8 Black, but with a few notable differences. 

For example, the AKASO Brave 7 LE action camera can shoot stunning 4K video footage at up to 30 frames-per-second, but this camera can capture still images at 20 mega-pixel resolution, as opposed to the GoPro’s 12 megapixel resolution still image shooting capabilities.

As you’d expect from an action camera, the AKASO Brave 7 LE also fits in the palm of your hand. It too is designed for all-weather use, and comes bundled with a housing that’s waterproof up to 131 feet, so you can take the camera swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving, for example. 

The camera offers built-in, 6-axis motion stabilization, so you’ll wind up with smooth video footage or clear digital images even when engaged in shooting high-action activities.

Another difference between the GoPro HERO 8 Black and AKASO Brave 7 LE is that instead of having just one, built-in, two-inch, full-color viewfinder screen on the back of the camera – which is also a touchscreen - the AKASO camera also has a full-color viewfinder on the front of the camera – which makes it easier to frame your shots when shooting selfies, for example.

The AKASO Brave 7 LE also has a free mobile app, so you can remotely control the camera via a smartphone or tablet, or transfer video footage or images from the camera to a mobile device wirelessly. Using the camera’s built-in HDMI port and a supplied cable, the camera can easily be connected directly to an HD television set as well.

Okay, so while the GoPro HERO 8 Black and AKASO Brave 7 LE have many similarities, one of their biggest differences is their price. As I said earlier, the GoPro HERO 8 Black starts at $399 – although it’s periodically put on sale for $299, plus the cost of optional accessories, mounts, and extra batteries.

The AKASO Brave 7 LE Launch Edition is priced at just $139.99. It comes with two batteries, a battery charger, a wireless remote control wrist strap, a USB cable, plus a collection of mounts for attaching the camera to yourself, a helmet, or various types of equipment - such as a vehicle’s dashboard, bicycle, boat, dive mask, skies, or a skateboard, for example. 

Keep in mind, a required MicroSD memory card is not included with the camera, but depending on the desired storage capability, MicroSD memory cards range in price from about $12.00 to $35.00, and are readily available from Amazon.com or wherever cameras or consumer electronics are sold.

While AKASO does not have the same wide-spread retail distribution in the United States as GoPro, the camera is available directly from the company’s website or from Amazon.com. You’ll find a link to the company within the Episode Notes of this podcast episode.

After spending some time working with this camera, I found it to be every bit as powerful, durable, and versatile as the GoPro cameras, but as I said, it’s offered at a fraction of the price. 

So, if you’re looking for a top-quality action camera you can use to capture yourself participating in an adventurous activities from a first- or third-person perspective, or you’re looking for a small camera to take on your next vacation, I urge you to check out the AKASO Brave 7 LE camera.

You might be thinking that your smartphone or tablet already has a front- and rear-facing HD camera built in, that’s capable of shooting high-resolution still images and 4K video, so why would you also need an action camera?

The quick answer is that your smartphone or tablet is fragile and should not be used in harsh weather conditions, extreme cold, or very high temperatures. You definitely should not take it snorkeling or scuba diving in saltwater or mount it to yourself while engaged in an action-oriented activity.

The cameras built into your smartphone or tablet also require at least one hand to hold the mobile device and to operate the Camera app. Thus, using the cameras built into your smartphone or tablet while engaged in certain activities could be dangerous.

An action camera, like the GoPro or AKASO camera, can be mounted directly on your body or equipment and they’re designed for mainly handsfree operation. 

Since videos and photos shot using an action camera can wirelessly be transferred to a mobile device for editing and sharing, or transferred to a computer, you’re still able to capture, edit, or even live stream your activities using an action camera in conjunction with your smartphone or tablet.

If you’ve been thinking about buying an action camera, but the price of the camera and all of the required accessories, housings, and mounts, for example, has held you back, I definitely recommend taking a look at the low-cost, but very powerful AKASO Brave 7 LEaction camera.

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